Student Civic Fellowships

Fellowships facilitated by HKUST Connect are designed to give students opportunities for community service experience and personal development. We expect student fellows to be able to connect their fellowship experience to their academic goals by collaboratively defining the relationship with the partner organization and the work in which they are involved. Apart from performing tasks and executing responsibilities, the student fellow should be thoughtful when approaching the fellowship, and reflective as they go through it.

In spring semesters, student fellows will be involved in leading ongoing community projects with a maximum of 10 hours commitment per week. In summer semesters, student fellows will work for 6-8 weeks. They will receive stipends during the fellowship period.

HKUST Connect welcomes individuals and corporations to set up named fellowships in sponsoring students to do community work. For further information and enquiries, please contact us at connect@ust.hk.

We would like to thank the following donors who have kindly provided sponsorship and support for our Student Civic Fellowship program:
Roll of Donors

HKUST Connect will conduct a selection process amongst a pool of applicants and make recommendations based on the applicant's background and the specifications as determined by the NGO. Consideration will also be given to the quality of the proposed service position, including its benefit to the organization and the community, and its relevance to the applicant's academic studies and career goals. Final selection will be made by the NGO.

Local & Overseas fellowship opportunities, please click here.

For enquiries, please contact us at connect@ust.hk.


Student Civic Fellows' Reflections

The Importance of Perseverance
In these three months, I grew up. I still remember how I was feeling during the first week in Shanghai. The job was not entirely what I had expected, and I found the job stressful and confusing. As I also suffered from bouts of homesickness, I wanted to quit and go home. Luckily, with my friends’ support, I stayed on course and had a fruitful time in CanAsia. Some small tasks may seem not worthy of doing, but in practice, they require more efforts than we initially think. No matter how big and small, I completed numerous tasks assigned to me, I persevered and learned the true meanings of responsibility.
- Chan Ka Yi, Claire - IPO (CEGBM)

The Path to an Effective Communicator
My day-to-day project management allowed me to brush up communication skills. For instance, as I interviewed senior managers, I was given a hands-on opportunity to ask questions—good ones are the ingredients of a successful interview—a crucial skill for my studies and career. I was also inspired by the company’s dynamism and causal ambiance. At Quiksilver, my supportive superiors gave me many lessons and insights. I helped organize the Stargaze Camp, a big corporate volunteering project. Through practice in the real world, I worked hard to become an effective communicator.
- Leung Man Ho, Michael - SBM (BBA)

A New Perspective towards Work
Soon after becoming a student civic fellow at Helping Hand, I realize that a deep sense of civic responsibility is just as important as my business acumen. Prior to this experience, I did not understand how a NGO operates, what it does and why it exists. One month at Helping Hand later, I became part of this community in which everybody were dedicated to serve. Take my supervisor, for instance. She has worked in the field for over twenty years. Now she is no long with the center, but she sees herself as part of the big family among the elderly residents. My collaboration with such social workers was tremendously inspiring.
- Wong Shu Wing, Kelly - SBM (ACCT & FINA)