Community Engagement Project Fund

The Community Engagement Project Fund is set up with a purpose to stimulate and support student-initiated projects that have social impact and bring about positive change. These projects should reach beyond the campus to the larger community, demonstrate an awareness of and concern for social issues and dynamics, and include constructive and effective actions that lead to a solution to or an improvement of a social condition.

The Community Engagement Project Fund will be allocated through an application process, with funding going to those applications selected by a review committee. The maximum amount of funding for each project is $5,000. Proposals with high impact and merit which require higher level of funding support may be considered on an exceptional basis.

Application Guidelines

Submit your project proposal to with "Community Engagement Project Fund Application" as the email subject.

Your proposal should include the following:
  • Cover Letter (with your name, student ID, program of study, email, contact phone no.) If you are working in a group, please also list the other members
  • Itemized list of total amount of fund requested
  • One-paragraph abstract of your proposed project
  • Description of your project including goals and objectives, specific statistics, numbers, and plans for implementing your project
  • Any supplementary information