Student Sharing

The ACE program would definitely be the one of the most rewarding program I joint throughout my whole university life. What I have gained in this program is much more than I expected. The skills and techniques learnt in the workshops are useful for lifelong. From the very first workshop taught us how to know the service recipients’ needs to the last workshop about the reflection. Those skills can be applied on the future not limited in this program. All those skills are still useful in other aspects.

- Colman CHAN, SENG Student, Year 1

My change after this fruitful experience is significant and positive. Due to the past dissatisfying experience to work in a team, I was scared about the possible conflicts in the team and preferred to work alone. However, working with my teammates for few months, not only did I enjoy cooperating with others but I learned a lot from each of them. I become a more responsible and outspoken person because I understand that everyone’s expression and contribution to the team is important to the development of a project. As I was committed to this cause, it is my responsibility to communicate with my teammates, to integrate each other’s works and to work as a whole. All in all, I become more mature in terms of dealing with tasks and communicating in a team.

- Sindy TAM, SSCI Student, Year 1

We had many training workshops, which were quite enriching and helpful with regard to our service project. Always having been inclined to voluntary work, it was enlightening to look at community service from another perspective, i.e. organizing one from scratch (from choosing the target recipients, understanding their needs, designing a program in accordance to their needs, recruiting volunteers and implementing it smoothly). This was indeed much more challenging than simply just doing what you are told, however I enjoyed every bit of it and consider it as one of my greatest achievements.

The best part about the ACE program in my opinion was the interactive learning approach in contrast to lectures. Every workshop, activity, service was made fun, facilitating learning in this manner, in addition to this, we even had camps, parties, dinners to complement this learning journey etc. All in all, the ACE program has given me a much needed first-hand experience of both project management as well as service and understanding myself better.

- Akanksha DIXIT, SBM Student, Year 2

In the aspect of volunteering services, I start understanding the difficulties and need of the service recipients. In the past, I just joined the volunteering service and follow the instructions. And now, I would see the things in a big picture. I start to think about what social problems are in the society and how we can help.

- Frances Chung, SBM Student, Year 1

After the service, I become more confident in designing a project and lead a group since I got some experience in the ACE program. And I'm more optimistic when facing difficulties. I realized that I'm already so lucky compared to some people that I get a healthy body so there's no reason for me to be afraid of the challenges. Moreover, I treasure my family more now since I saw how important our recipients' families are to them. I realized that our families put so much effort and love in us and it's our turn to express our thanks. I'm so glad to see the little changes in myself. Maybe they're not huge, but they changed my attitude entirely and enlightened me to be happier as I learnt not to be fearful or worried about making mistakes.

- Jacqueline Xu, SBM Student, Year 1