HKUST Service Learning Day, 20 - 23 April 2017

HKUST Service Learning Day 2017 was held between 20 - 23 April. All members of the HKUST community, including students, faculty members, staff, and alumni, were invited to engage in various meaningful community service opportunities over the weekend. The event was officiated by the President, Prof Tony F Chan, during the Kick-off Ceremony on 20 April. In total, more than 900 volunteers were recruited to participate in 50 service projects, resulting in over 5,000 service hours during this period.

During the HKUST Service Learning Day, members of the Connect Ambassador for Community Engagement (Connect ACE) program also led several community services as part of their social projects, which were aimed to tackle social issues that they were passionate about. The Connect ACE members also assisted in the promotion effort, and supported the project coordination for this event.

Call for Action Day, 7 March 2017

A promotion booth was set up during the Call for Action Day to promote the message of "Serve. Learn. Act" among our campus. Students were also encouraged to participate in different service projects of HKUST Service Learning Day 2017 to show their care through action.

Date: 7 March 2017 (Tue)
Venue:   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium, HKUST Campus

Let's take a photo together and spread out the message of "Serve. Learn. Act"!

Kick-off Ceremony of HKUST Service Learning Day 2017

On 20 April, students, staff and representatives of the collaborating organizations from different service activities joined the kick-off ceremony to celebrate the start of our annual community service event.

Officiating Guest: Prof Tony F Chan, President

Date: 20 April 2017 (Thu)
Time: 12:45 - 1:40pm
Venue:   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium, HKUST Campus

Summary of Services

Date Service  
1 Apr A Day in HKUST 科大體驗日 Info
1 Apr English Game Fair @HKUST 英語處處通 Info
1 Apr The Salvation Army Flag Day 2017 救世軍全港賣旗日 2017 Info
2 Apr Hike Without Trace 行山不留痕 Info
5 Apr "Step Up" Your Love @Shamshuipo 關『深』南昌 - 上樓傳愛探訪服務 Info
8 Apr A Walk into HK Culture and Food 文化同步行 Info
8 Apr Fung Yuen Experience Day 與蝶同行 Info
8 Apr Happy Silver Ride 「耆」趣行 Info
8 Apr Hiking with the Elderly 郊野行山樂逍遙 Info
8 Apr Playright Game Day 智樂遊戲日 Info
8 Apr Project Home Works 關愛家居計劃 Info
8 Apr Soup Action @Shamshuipo 吾湯吾水 - 傳愛活動 Info
9 Apr Amazing Race with Kids 小偵探• 遊新城 Info
9 Apr Dream Reacher: Workshops for Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong 在港印尼夢工坊 Info
9 Apr E-Fun Day with Children 小腳板大開發電子定向遊戲 Info
9 Apr HKUST x OUHK 復活節聯校服務 Info
13 Apr Fun Lab with the Elderly 科學耆兵 Info
16 Apr ETHNIQUE 得一 • 賞 • 異 Info
16 Apr Go with the Wheel 無礙 • 友愛 Info
16 Apr HI Friends! 「聲」「聲」相惜 Info
18 Apr HKUST SL Day Bread Run 惜食•麵包收集活動 Info
18 Apr Street Care, Happy Share 「露」途有你 Info
19 - 21 Apr Aspire To Inspire: Light Up Cambodian Children's Lives 感動.一切從「柬」 Info
21 Apr Aid to AIDS Preventive Education Project 愛滋教育活動 Info
21, 24 - 27 Apr Blood Donation Promotion Campaign 科大捐血大行動 - 宣傳活動 Info
21 Apr Food Share We Care @Western District 愛•共饗在城西食物分享計劃 Info
21 Apr Kiddy Heart Canteen 童心飯堂 Info
21 Apr Light Up Lives 生命因你再現姿彩 Info
22 Apr Barrier-Free Community Roadmap For Ngau Tau Kok 無礙 ·愛在牛頭角 Info
22 Apr Break the Wall 無國界同樂日 Info
22 Apr Care for the Homeless 無家•無減愛 Info
22 Apr Cook with Love 「童」愛cook「耆」餅 Info
22 Apr Gate Painting @Cho Yiu Estate 祖堯安居樂油遊 Info
22 Apr Learning Chinese with Fun 趣學中文 Info
22 Apr Share Your Vision 一視「瞳」人 Info
22 Apr Soup of Love @King Lam Estate 愛心湯水贈長者 Info
22 Apr Step Forward 同學有計 Info
22 Apr Volunteering @Crossroads 國際十字路會義工服務 Info
22 Apr Walk with Dogs 與狗同行 Info
23 Apr Explore HK with VIP 凡「視」探索 Info
23 Apr Mental Health Agent 精神特工隊 Info
23 Apr "Paws" for Love 「爪」尋愛 Info
23 Apr PHAB(Fab) Friendship VII 天弱.友情 VII Info
23 Apr Volunteering @Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve 服務在鳳園 Info
24 - 30 Apr Famine 30  Food for Every Child 饑饉三十  童享每一餐 Info
24 Apr Food Saving with Food Angel 「惜食」天使 Info
24 - 27 Apr Take a Step Further: Raise a Brighter Future for Jiangxi Children 愛傳江西築明天 Info
29 Apr Artistic Workshop with People with Intellectual Disability 「智」趣藝術坊 Info
29 Apr Mental Connection 聚精會神 Info
29 Apr Start the Journey with 'U' 科「大」「中」同遊 Info