HKUST Service Learning Day, 24 - 27 April 2014

HKUST Service Learning Day 2014 was held between 24 - 27 April. All members of the HKUST community, including students, faculty members, staff, and alumni, were invited to engage in various meaningful community service opportunities over the weekend. The event was officiated by the Provost, Prof Wei SHYY, during the Kick-off Ceremony on 24 April. In total, close to 900 volunteers were recruited to participate in 43 service projects, resulting in over 3,900 service hours during this period.

During the HKUST Service Learning Day, members of the Connect Ambassador for Community Engagement (Connect ACE) program also led several community services as part of their social projects, which were aimed to tackle social issues that they were passionate about. The Connect ACE members also assisted in the promotion effort, and supported the project coordination for this event.

Call for Action Day - 5-7 March 2014

An exhibition was set up during the Call for Action Day to raise awareness of the social issues and to promote the message of “Serve. Learn. Act” among our campus. HKUST members were able to visit the exhibition and experience how the underprivileged live in a caged apartment (籠屋), and share their ideas on how to serve and contribute to the community at large. They were also encouraged to participate in different service projects during HKUST Service Learning Day 2014 to show their care through action.

Date: 3 - 5 March 2014
Venue:   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium, HKUST Campus

Raising awareness of social issues through an exhibition on display    HKUST members sharing their thoughts and ideas on serving on a large display board at the exhibition

Kick-off Ceremony of HKUST Service Learning Day 2014

On 24 April, students, staff and representatives of the collaborating organizations from different service activities joined the kick-off ceremony to celebrate the start of our annual community service event.

Officiating Guest: Prof Wei SHYY, Provost

Date: 24 April 2014 (Thu)
Time: 12:45 - 1:40pm
Venue:   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium, HKUST Campus

Social Cinema

Mr Willy Law, MH, suffered from fetal hypoxia during birth, resulting in paralysis of all four limbs. Despite his physical limitation, Willy has been actively involved in promoting the well-being of tetraplegia patients and fighting for key government policies to help the severely disabled over the past decade. He helped produce the 45-min documentary,The World of Ah Cheung - The independent living of person with disabilities 《有祥的世界 – 獨立自主生活》, in order to present the everyday lives of people with disabilities from a disabled person's point of view.

Through watching this documentary in the Social Cinema, participants were able to gain a better understanding on the reality of independent living for severely disabled people. After the movie, Willy and his friends’ sharing also inspired the participants to face challenges and adversities with courage.

Date:   24 April 2014 (Thu)
Time:  7:15 - 8:45pm
Venue: Chow Tak Sin Lecture Theater (LT-G), HKUST Campus  

Summary of Services

Date Service  
12-13 Apr 30-Hour Famine Volunteer 饑饉三十義工 Info
22-25 Apr Blood Donation Promotion Campaign 科大捐血大行動 - 宣傳活動 Info
24 Apr HKUST SL Day Bread Run 惜食‧麵包收集活動 Info
24 Apr Handicraft with women 我「手作」我心義工計劃 Info
25 Apr Hiking with elderly 長青郊遊樂* Info
25 Apr "Light Up Lives" 生命因你再現姿彩 Info
25 Apr "Step Up" Your Love @Shamshuipo 關『深』南昌 - 上樓傳愛探訪服務 Info
25 Apr Kiddy Heart Canteen 童心飯堂 Info
25, 26 Apr Buddy Reading Program 伙伴閱讀計劃 Info
25-27 Apr Food‧Share‧Love 「食物。分享。愛」 Info
25-28 Apr Love it ‧ Adopt it 領養.愛 Info
26 Apr The Conservancy Association Flag Day 長春社4 . 26港島區賣旗日 Info
26 Apr Volunteering @ SMART KIDS Financial Education Experiential Program Camp C SMART KIDS系列之「積穀盈人」理財教育體驗計劃日營活動C營義工 Info
26 Apr Care for the Elders 愛心探訪 Info
26 Apr Fantastic Journey 無障礙之旅 Info
26 Apr Gate Painting @ Cho Yiu Estate 祖堯安居樂油遊 Info
26 Apr PHAB(Fab) Friendship III 天弱友情III Info
26 Apr Soup of Love 愛心湯水贈長者 Info
26 Apr In Your Eyes 凡視有可能 Info
26 Apr In Step with Dogs 同步手牽狗 Info
26 Apr Soup Action @Shamshuipo 吾湯吾水 - 傳愛活動 Info
26 Apr Xperience: Reality and the Virtual World 體驗科技: 現實與虛擬世界 Info
26 Apr Beyond Intelligence 智窮人不窮 Info
26, 27 Apr "Paws" for Love 「爪」尋愛 Info
26 Apr Walking with the Mentally Handicapped 「義人同行優之良伴 」計劃 Info
26 Apr Enjoy Eco-life 識碳生活 Info
26 Apr The Suburb Stories 尋找鄉村的故事 Info
26 Apr Together‧Beyond Diversity 「智」趣相投 Info
26 Apr Explore Fun Science World 探索科學樂園 Info
27 Apr Tree Planting Challenge Volunteer 綠野先鋒 - 植樹行山挑戰賽支援義工 Info
27 Apr Jolly Senior 耆趣樂融融 Info
27 Apr The Same Kiddy Dream 「童」一個夢想 Info
27 Apr Travel with Love 傷健同遊愛出發 Info
27 Apr Volunteering @Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve 服務在鳳園 Info
27 Apr Happy Family @ HKUST 科大 「家」添正能量 Info
27 Apr Junior Healthy Chef 有「營」小廚神·健康大「煮」意 Info
27 Apr Chinese Fun for Everyone 與 "中" 童樂 Info
27 Apr Volunteers Plus Kids V+ 兒童 Info
27 Apr Beach Olympics 沙灘競技鬥一番 Info
27 Apr A Date with Old Friends 一『耆』一會 Info
27 Apr Tea in Silence 泰式下午茶 Info