HKUST Service Learning Day, 18 - 21 April 2013

HKUST Service Learning Day 2013 has been held between 18 - 21 April. All University members of HKUST were invited to engage in various meaningful community service opportunities over the weekend. The event was officiated by Prof Wei SHYY, Provost in the Kick-off Ceremony on 18 April. In total, more than 900 volunteers were recruited to participate in close to 50 service projects, serving over 4,300 service hours during this period.

To motivate and lead fellow students and other HKUST members to serve the wider community, students from different schools and years of study engaged in the Connect Ambassador for Community Engagement (Connect ACE) program to assist in promoting HKUST Service Learning Day, initiate service projects and support project coordination. The ACEs are divided into different focus groups to tackle a social issue that they are most interested in and their social projects are also included in our HKUST Service Learning Day. More information regarding the program can be found here.

Call for Action Day - 7 March

Over hundred of university members showed their support by taking photos at our counter at Atrium in their Connect tee or purple shirt on the day. A collage of passionate HKUST volunteers was created to spread the message of Serve. Learn. Act and engage more people to join HKUST Service Learning Day 2013. Check out the smiley faces on our facebook page here.

Kick-off Ceremony of HKUST Service Learning Day 2013

As the kick-off event of HKUST Service Learning Day 2013, students, staff and representatives of the collaborating organizations from different service activities joined the ceremony to celebrate the start of our annual community service event.

Officiating Guest: Prof Wei SHYY, Provost

Date:     18 April 2013 (Thu)
Time:     12:45 - 1:40pm
Venue:   The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium

Summary of Services

Date Service  
6-7 Apr 30-Hour Famine Volunteer 饑饉三十義工 Info
8-12 Apr Dream Builders 逐夢‧築夢 Info
18 Apr HKUST SL Day Bread Run 惜食•麵包收集活動 Info
18 Apr "Step Up" Your Love @ Shamshuipo 關『深』南昌 - 上樓傳愛探訪服務 Info
19 Apr Fun and English 活樂英語 Info
19 Apr In Step with Dogs 同步手牽狗 Info
19 Apr Light Up Lives 生命因你再現姿彩 Info
20 Apr Beach Olympics 沙灘競技鬥一番 Info
20 Apr Beauty Green Soap for Elderly & Children 綠色肥皂‧長幼同樂 Info
20 Apr Buddy Reading Program 伙伴閱讀計劃 Info
20 Apr Caltex Project Chance – Learning Academy 機會工程 社區科學教室 Info
20 Apr Caltex Project Chance – Learning Academy 機會工程 動力學堂 Info
20 Apr Care for the Children 童聲同戲 Info
20 Apr Care for the Elders 愛心探訪 Info
20 Apr Discover HKUST for Families 科大伴你親子行 Info
20 Apr Explore Fun Science World 探索科學樂園 Info
20 Apr Fantastic Journey 無障礙之旅 Info
20 Apr Fun Day @ Tai O 大澳「耆」樂日 Info
20 Apr Caring for Elders with Alzheimer's 長者智晴坊義工計劃 – 與「腦 ( 老 ) 」同樂 Info
20 Apr Fun in the Ocean 童遊海洋 Info
20 Apr Green Delight in Estate 「綠樂無窮在屋邨」種植推廣日 Info
20 Apr Hand in Hand with Benji's 月聚 ‧ 庭恩 Info
20 Apr Hiking with Elderly 萬宜樂遊蹤 Info
20 Apr Hong Kong Association of the Deaf Flag Day 2013 香港聾人協進會全港賣旗日 Info
20 Apr Journey with the Elderly 「耆」妙之旅 Info
20 Apr Linking Arcoss Generations 長幼牽手樂逍遙 Info
20 Apr Make a Difference - Honoring the Elderly 敬老樂中華 Info
20 & 21 Apr "Paws" for Love 「爪」尋愛 Info
20 Apr PHAB (FAB) Friendship II 天弱‧友情 II Info
20 Apr Run & Fun @ HKUST 童遊科大 Info
20 Apr Servant Leadership Operation Training Social Projects
20 Apr Soup Action @ Shamshuipo 吾湯吾水 - 傳愛活動 Info
20 Apr Soup of Love 愛心湯水贈長者 Info
20 Apr Soup of Love @ HKUST 愛心湯水贈長者 - 科大篇 Info
20 Apr Talk to Elders, Show Your Care 科大友訪老友記 Info
20 Apr Visiting Elderly as Our Friends 「耆」遇之探訪老友記 Info
20 Apr Walking Hand-in-Hand with VIPs 聆光一觸 - 視障人士服務 Info
21 Apr Around the World @ HKUST 科大英語遊世界 Info
21 Apr Beyond Intelligence 智窮人不窮 Info
21 Apr Green Joyful Home for Disabled 綠色樂居無障礙 Info
21 Apr Happy Learning Journey @ HKUST 科大遊學團 Info
21 Apr ICAC Detective Game 反貪之星 Info
21 Apr The Precious Moment 同場「家」影 Info
21 Apr "Treasure Your Life" Experiential Learning Activity
手牽「守童」行 - 體驗式學習活動
21 Apr Tree Planting Challenge Volunteer 綠野先鋒 - 植樹行山挑戰賽支援義工 Info
21 Apr Young Conservation Heroes 保育拯救隊 Info
14 & 28 Apr Treasure for the Elderly 佳「耆」共聚在大澳 Info
29 Apr BCC Cohort Cup: Turkey Charity Run 2013