Partners’ Feedback

UST volunteers brought us good spirit
"We wish to show our gratitude towards the HKUST students who volunteered their services to the residents of Shun Tin Estate. For 6 months, the students helped organize special enrichment programs that targeted our primary school children, housewives and the elderly. The feedback from the residents was very positive; they all thoroughly enjoyed interacting and spending time with the students. Each week, we witnessed the students’ building rapport with the residents and the bonding with the children. After the completion of the programs, the residents expressed their appreciation towards the students and invited them back to conduct other programs in the future. The students’ involvement and commitment in these programs brought a good spirit to the CFSC team and the local community."   
- Christian Family Service Center

A big heart and a willingness to serve
"HKUST students conducted 3 separate programs for us from July to September 2009, including a Documentary Video about EFCC’s work at Mei Foo Sun Chuen, and two Mid-Autumn Festival celebration events. The students were involved in the design and implementation of these programs, and achieved positive results. They also demonstrated good team and organizational skills. The team leaders were able to take charge and make effective changes to their programs to suit the elderly needs. Most of the students had no prior experience in working with the elderly, but were able to quickly adjust their skills. The elderly expressed joy in talking with the students and sharing their stories with them. With a big heart and a willingness to serve, the students created a very warm atmosphere for the elderly who attended our Mei Foo Centre."
- The Evangelical Free Churches of China