Civic Fellowship Placement

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Gained a better understanding of human nature
"During the summer of 2008, I joined the program at Crossroads International. Crossroads International is a non-profit organization that supplies everything from household items to medical equipment to the people in need in Hong Kong and around the world. I worked at the Local Goods Office which was responsible for supplying 50% of its stock to the people in Hong Kong. People would come to Crossroads and take away the items which they otherwise cannot afford. Since Crossroads is a non-profit organization, the interns do not get paid. However, the experience that I gained could not be quantified in monetary terms. Everyday, I got to meet people from different facets of life: from Somalia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Canada, Ghana, Congo, Hong Kong and many more. Being around such a diverse crowd of individuals provided me with a better understanding of human nature. That in my opinion is an invaluable experience."
- Shoaib Ur Rehman - BBA Year 1