Nepal Service Learning Trip
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A magnitude of 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, 2015, and soon after on 12th May, 2015, there was another 7.3 earthquake. Entire villages were flattened in many districts of the country. Nearly 10,000 people died, 23,000 were injured, 800,000 homes were destroyed and over 45,000 people were displaced.

Collaborating with Light On Nepal, we are involved in the school rebuilding project for Shree Ganga Milan Secondary School. The school provides education to 270 children, ranging from Grade 1 to 10. Helping the reconstruction progress is just a stepping stone for us to get into the communities, and to enlighten local students by sharing our culture and knowledge to them.

Nepal Service Learning Trip is not just about helping in the local community but also a self-enriching journey. Participants will have the opportunity to live and eat like a local Nepali. It allows participants to get rid of the burden from daily life and learn to appreciate things around them. During the trip, students will learn about the importance of self-reflection and living in the moment.

Participants are required to attend all pre-trip workshops and spare time in sub-team meetings to conduct a research and prepare service plans for the trip throughout the semester. During trip, participants can also explore many dimensions of Nepal culture and history.

Participants of the trip will be able to:
  • Empower Nepal children and youth to enrich themselves by giving a safe learning environment.
  • Embrace cultural diversities and achieve cultural exchange through investigating different aspects of the Nepal community.
  • Live and eat like a Nepali and learn to embrace the nature.
  • Enrich yourself through self-reflection.
  • Spread a caring message in HKUST campus through sharing their experience during and after the service trip.

  • Date 16 - 24 January 2019
    Location Kathmandu, Nepal
    Program Highlights 1. Assist in the "School Rebuilding Project" to provide a safe learning environment for local students.
    2. Cultural exchange with local students through organizing activities in school.
    3. Cultural exploration in Kathmandu.
    4. Self-enriching through living with a different lifestyle.
    Program Schedule
    Pre-trip workshops Workshop 1 25 October 2018 (Thu) 6:30 - 8:30pm
    Workshop 2 3 November 2018 (Sat) 10:45am - 1pm
    Workshop 3 3 November 2018 (Sat) 2 - 5pm
    Workshop 4 26 November 2018 (Mon) 6:30 - 8:30pm
    Workshop 5 8 January 2019 (Tue) 10am - 2pm
    Sub-team consultation meetings Meeting 1
    14 - 16 November 2018
    (approx. 1 hour for each session, actual date & time is subject to the availability of each sub-team)
    Service Learning Trip 16 - 24 January 2018 (Expected to arrive HK at 5:55 am, 24 January 2019)
    Post-trip sharing session 11 February 2019 (Mon) 6:30 - 9pm
    Program Fee HK$9,600 (EARLY BIRD) / HK$10,000 (subject to final airfare available)

    • Subsidies
      Eligibility Details Application
      All participants (A) Subsidy for trip participants
      Participants may be able to reimburse up to HK$2,500 subsidy upon satisfactory completion of the whole service program (#1).
      No application needed
      (B) Connect Overseas Service Learning Grant (OSLG)
      Students may apply for OSLG to receive subsidy to cover part of the program fee up front. Additional consideration will be given to those with financial need.
      Recipients of Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS) government grant & loan (C) Pre-approval of OSLG
      In order to lessen the financial burden on government grant & loan recipients paying the full program fee up front, TSFS Grant recipients can get pre-approval of OSLG and only need to pay the remainder of the program fee:
      Amount of government grant awarded Program fee payable Early Bird
      Over 75% of grant HK$2,000 HK$1,920 
      50-75% of grant HK$5,000  HK$4,800 
      <50% of grant HK$7,500  HK$7,200
      Present “Notification of Result” of TSFS during interview
      (D) Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions for Post-secondary Students (SSEBR)
      Students are expected to apply for SSEBR from government. Successful applicant will be able to get subsidy equal to “$6,500 x % of TSFS grant received”. 
      Example: if you receive 50% government grant, you will receive HK$3,250 subsidy via SSEBR

      Upon being awarded the SSEBR subsidy, student receiving pre-approved OSLG shall return the OSLG/SSEBR subsidy, whichever is lower, to HKUST Connect.
      Submit an online application on the HKUST My StudyAbroad system after receiving trip offer

      (#1) Satisfactory completion of the whole service program includes attendance, high level of engagement in group preparation tasks, workshops and during the trip, and submission of reflection report. OSLG or SSEBR recipients who received subsidy HK$2,500 or above will not be granted the subsidy stated in (A).

    • Program fee includes:
      Round-trip flights to Kathmandu, local transportation, accommodation (shared room), meals during program activities (except the dinner on 23 January 2019), entry fee for visits included in the official program, and travel insurance

    • Program fee does NOT include:
      The dinner on 23 January 2019, personal expenses and expenses out of the official program, travel document/ visa application, additional travel and medical insurance
    Application Please complete the online registration form
    Application Deadline Early bird deadline: 23 September 2018 (Sun)
    Application closing date: 1 October 2018 (Mon)
    Interview Interviews will be held on 27, 28 September and 4 October 2018. Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email.


    • To ensure the quality of the service activities and a positive team experience, students are expected to attend ALL pre-trip activities (workshops and consultation meetings), and will be given priority over those who are unable to commit to full attendance. Request for absence due to academic course-related examinations will be considered on a case by case basis. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the participation for any student who fail to meet the above requirements, and the program fee will not be refunded.
    • Participants are required to travel to and from Nepal with the group. No separate travel will be entertained.
    Enquiries Brighton Tsoi (

    Previous Participants Sharing:

    "The service trip to Nepal is not just giving out, because to be honest, there is not a lot that we can help with the local people, instead, we are taking things in from them, revaluating our lives and learning to slow down, appreciate what we have, and to be happy."

    Sabrina Siu, SBM Year 3

    "If I were to describe the entire Nepal service learning trip experience, I would say it is an once-in-a-lifetime journey, an eye-opening experience towards understanding the world and myself, and that the trip definitely taught me a few life-long lessons along the way."

    Martin Shin, SENG Year 4

    Additional Information on collaborator in Nepal:

    Light On Nepal

    Light On Nepal is the branch of Light On Charity Limited from Hong Kong. “Light On” is a charitable organization established by Pink Lee soon after the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on 25th April, 2015. She was in a bookstore in Kathmandu when the earthquake happened, and she escaped immediately to the street and survived. Seeing the devastating situation in Nepal, she started a fund-raising campaign online, and worked with many Nepalese volunteers to distribute relief aid near the epicenter Gorkha, altogether they had distributed over 7 tons of materials to over 700 families. “Light On” then started the School Rebuilding Project to fund the affected schools to rebuild.
    For more information:

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