Jiangxi Service Learning Trip (Jan 2019)
手牽「守童」行 ─ 江西服務學習之旅
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自二零一三年一月起,科大侍學行已多次籌組「手牽『守童』行 – 江西服務學習之旅」,探訪及服務江西省瑞金市武陽鎮的留守兒童,了解到他們家裡經濟情況稍為改善,但留守兒童缺乏關愛、學習條件欠佳、對外面的世界只能憧憬及希冀。我們這群有幸能在父母的護蔭下成長的大哥哥大姐姐,如何讓這群小孩子得以更好成長?在今個冬天,我們將再訪江西關顧這批留守兒童,延續科大同學與他們的友誼,並走訪當地一間社會企業營運的有機農場,了解其運作模式及探討其對當地居民的影響。



想了解更多過往江西服務學習之旅, 可按此

Jiangxi is an inland province located in southeastern China, with agriculture as one of its major industries. Villagers there go to work in wealthier provinces for a higher income while leaving their children behind with their grandparents. To serve the 'left-behind children' living in remote villages in Jiangxi, HKUST Connect has been organizing Jiangxi Service Learning Trip since 2013. Although the school we visit was renovated, resources provided to the 'left-behind children' are still very limited. We are now recruiting HKUST volunteers to go to Jiangxi in the upcoming winter to continue our genuine support to the children. Would you like to be one of the volunteers to empower the 'left-behind children' on their lives?

Participants will design and organize activities and workshops to show their care and affection to the ‘left-behind children’. They will also visit an organic farm managed by a Hong Kong founded social enterprise, to understand its operation and explore its impact on the local community.

Participants of the trip will be able to:

  • Empower left behind children through interactive theme workshops designed and led by participants
  • Understand the needs and difficulties faced by ‘left-behind children’ and their families through pre-trip workshops, interaction in village schools and home visits.
  • Explore how social enterprise positively impact the local community through doing farm work, observing its operation and interacting with the founder.
  • Since summer in 2016, the Buddy program was introduced to the Jiangxi trip. A limited number of quota is available for non-Chinese speaking students with at least 30 hours of prior Putonghua lessons or equivalent, while Chinese speaking students will be invited to be the buddy and to support the participation of non-Chinese speaking students in the program. The buddies are expected to:

  • Assist the non-Chinese speaking teammates in activity design and producing teaching materials in Chinese
  • Assist the partners to demonstrate activities/services in Chinese during pre-trip workshops
  • Assist the partners in implementing activities/services for the service recipients
  • Facilitate communication and interaction between the partners and service recipients in Jiangxi through on-site interpretation/translation (Chinese to English and English to Chinese)
  • To learn more about the previous service learning trips to Jiangxi, go here.

    2 - 7 January 2019
    Wuyang Town, Ruijin, Jiangxi
    Program Highlights
    1.Teaching at village schools
    2. Home visit at Wuyang town
    3. Doing farm work and visit an organic farm run by social enterprise
    4. Cultural tour
    Program Schedule
    Pre-trip workshops
    25 October 2018 (Thu)
    7 - 9:30pm
    2.5 hrs
    3 November 2018 (Sat)
    10am - 1pm
    3 hrs
    3 November 2018 (Sat)
    2 - 5pm
    3 hrs
    28 December 2018 (Fri)
    9:30am - 1:30pm
    4 hrs
    Weekly group preparation tasks October 2018 - January 2019
    Two sub-team consultation meetings

    14 - 16 November 2018
    26 - 30 November 2018
    (approx. 1 hour, actual time is subject to the availability of each sub-team)

    1 hr x 2 sessions
    Jiangxi Service Learning Trip
    2-7 January 2019
    Post-trip sharing session
    11 February 2019 (Mon) 6:30pm-9pm
    Program Fee
    HK$2,700 (EARLY BIRD)/ HK$2900

    • Subsidies
      Eligibility Details Application
      All participants (A) Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-Secondary Students
      Participants may receive subsidy to cover at most 50% of the program fee.

      Submit application to SFAO after receiving trip offer. Scholarships and Financial Aid Office (SFAO) will announce the details soon.

      (B) Connect Overseas Service Learning Grant (OSLG)
      Students may apply for OSLG to receive subsidy to cover part of the program fee up front. Additional consideration will be given to those with financial need.
      Recipients of Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS) government grant & loan (C) Pre-approval of OSLG
      In order to lessen the financial burden on government grant & loan recipients paying the full program fee up front, TSFS Grant recipients can get pre-approval of OSLG and only need to pay the remainder of the program fee:
      Amount of government grant awarded Program fee payable Early Bird
      Over 75% of grant HK$580 HK$540 
      50-75% of grant HK$1,450 HK$1,350 
      <50% of grant HK$2,175 HK$2,025
      Present "Notification of Result" of TSFS during interview

    • Program fee includes:
      Round-trip transportation to Jiangxi, local transportation, accommodation (shared room), meals during program activities, entry fee for visits included in the official program, materials for themed workshop, and travel insurance.

    • Program fee DOES NOT include:
      Personal expenses and expenses out of the official program, fee for travel document/visa application, additional travel and medical insurance
    Ability to speak Putonghua is preferred.
    Limited quota is available for non-Chinese speaking students with at least 30 hours of prior Putonghua lessons or equivalent to apply, subject to availability of translation buddy.
    Please complete the online application form
    Application Deadline
    Early bird deadline: 23 September 2018 (Sun)
    Application closing date: 1 October 2018 (Sun)
    Interviews will be held on 26, 27 Sep & 4 Oct 2018. Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email.
    • To ensure the quality of the service activities and a positive team experience, students are expected to attend ALL pre-trip activities (workshops and consultation meetings), and will be given priority over those who are unable to commit to full attendance. Request for absence due to academic course-related examinations will be considered on a case by case basis. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the participation for any student who fail to meet the above requirements, and the program fee will not be refunded.
    • Participants are required to travel to and from Jiangxi with the group. No separate travel will be entertained.
    Corliss Lee (sacorliss@ust.hk)