Beware and Never Fall 防跌不倒翁 Join this to move forward a UN Sustainable Development Goal

The following message in Chinese is about a service opportunity which requires participants to be proficient in Cantonese.

This project is initiated by Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement) 2017/18 with an aim to address genuine community needs, to motivate and lead fellow students to serve the wider community.

Falls are the leading cause of injury in elderly. In each year, one-fifth of the elderly experience fall while 75% of them may experience injury or even bone fracture. This greatly affects the social lives of elderly since they will be afraid of falling again and hence avoid going out. Four HKUST Connect ambassador of community engagement (Connect ACE) have been working with Yan Chai Hospital Tang Bik Wan Memorial Neighbourhood Elderly Centre to organize "Beware and Never Fall", with the eyes to reduce the fall risk of elderly through four sessions of workshop. HKUST student volunteers will help achieving these goals by home visits and teaching simple aerobic exercise. Volunteers are also responsible for the pick up of elderly with limited moblity to attend workshops and activities.

調查發現,每年20%居住在社區的長者曾經跌倒,當中75%因而受傷,甚或骨折,個別長者害怕再跌倒而減少出外,影響社交生活,變得情緒低落。有見及此,四位科大侍學行的社群服務參與大使(Connect ACE)與仁濟醫院鄧碧雲紀念長者鄰舍中心合辦「防跌不倒翁」義工服務計劃,透過家居安全評估、參觀房協長者安居資源中心、肌肉訓練及工作坊等,減低社區長者跌倒的風險。機構現招募義工幫忙上門接送行動不便長者出席活動、進行家居安全評估、帶領長者進行訓練及工作坊等。


計劃內容 第一節: 探訪日
日期: 2018 年 4 月 7 日 ( 六 ) 
時間: 上午 9 時 至 中午 12 時
第二節: 「房」跌工作坊
日期: 2018 年 4 月 14 日 ( 六 )
時間: 下午 1 時 至 4 時 30 分 
第三節: 精靈「耆」兵
日期: 2018 年 4 月 21 日 ( 六 )
時間: 上午 9 時 至 中午 12 時
第四節: 不倒翁小劇場
日期: 2018 年 4 月 28 日 ( 六 )
時間: 上午 9 時 至 中午 12 時
報名 填寫網上表格
截止報名日期 廷長至 2018 年 4 月 3 日 ( 二 )
備註 1. 義工需能出席 2018 年 4 月 6 日 ( 五 ) 晚上 6 時至 7 時 30 分 [更新] 之義工簡介工作坊 
2. 義工需能以廣東話與活動使用者溝通
3. 義工需能出席至少兩節義工服務,如能出席全部服務則優先考慮
HLTH1010 Upon completion of the service, HLTH1010 course participants will attain a maximum 2 hours per session in "Community or Voluntary Work" in the "Activities" module, subject to the actual direct service hours confirmed by the partner organization.
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