Kids KOL - Managing Money 理財小達人 Join this to move forward a UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG4SDG4

The following message in Chinese is about a service opportunity which requires participants to be proficient in Cantonese.

This project is initiated by Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement) 2017/18 with an aim to address genuine community needs, to motivate and lead fellow students to serve the wider community.

According to the 2016 poverty report, there are 7,000 more Hong Kong people living under the poverty line. The number of people living under the poverty line reaches the highest record in past 8 years. The situation is even severe for children in the low-income family. Almost 1 in 5 children are living in the poverty. Their parent cannot afford the expensive fee for them to attend tutorial class and extra-curricular activities. Due to the insufficient financial support, the children do not have many chances to access to different opportunities and resources. They will have a higher chance to be in the cycle of poverty. Therefore, it is important for children from low-income family to learn the proper money concept and money management. These concepts can help them to get ready for their future.

In view of this, we partner with The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Jockey Club Cheung Hang Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre to launch a service project called 'Kids KOL - Managing Money”. “KOL” means keep on learning. This project aiming to help kids to understand the importance of money management and keep on learning how to use money wisely through varies interactive games and life stimulation.


有見及此,四位科大侍學行的社群服務參與大使(Connect ACE)與香港小童群益會賽馬會長亨青少年綜合服務中心合辦「理財小達人」計劃,透過不同的遊戲及互動活動,從而明白理財的重要性及持續學習正確理財的方法。現招募科大同學擔任義工協助活動進行,並與兒童交流增加彼此的認識及改善現況。


計劃內容 日期:2018 年 4 月 7, 14, 21, 28 日 ( 六 )
時間:上午 10 時至下午 1 時
地點:香港小童群益會賽馬會長亨青少年綜合服務中心 (青衣)
報名 填寫網上表格
截止報名日期 2018 年 4 月 2 日 ( 一 )
備註 1. 義工需能出席 2018 年 3 月 26 日 ( 一 ) 晚上 6 時 至 7 時的義工訓練工作坊
2. 義工需能以廣東話與活動使用者溝通
3. 義工必須出席至少兩節義工服務,如能出席全部服務則優先考慮
HLTH1010 Upon completion of the service, HLTH1010 course participants will attain a maximum of 2 hours for sessions on 7, 14, 21 and 28 April in "Community or Voluntary Work" in the "Activities" module per service session, subject to the actual direct service hours confirmed by the partner organization(s).
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