Global Y's Trainee Program 2012

Do you want to enjoy a culture exchange experience while working as trainee in overseas or mainland YMCAs? After the success of Global Y's Trainee Program in 2011, Uni-Y(HKUST) is preparing another epsiode of the program.  

Global Y’s Trainee Program 2012 is now open for application. You will have the opportunities to work as a trainee at YMCA around the world. You will provide administrative and other supporting duties in the center, or plan and provide creative and cultural activities for various service recipients. Countries for the coming summer include the USA, England, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Mainland, etc.

Global Y's Trainee program is a great eye-opening experience. You can learn different culture and lifestyle while gaining foreign working experience. Don't miss such a valuable opportunty! Act today! Apply to be our next Global Y's Trainee!

Goals - To promote international youth movement by raising youths’ awareness on global issues;
- To encourage global consolidation;
- To develop appropriate working attitude of students and enhance their employability in their future career;
- To provide an opportunity for students to develop their leadership, communication skills, sense of responsibility and to explore their unique potentials;
- To act as a platform on which to build friendship among different countries around the globe.
Program Schedule
March 2012 Training Camp
April to May 2012 Local Internship
April 2012 Pre-departure Briefing
May to August 2012 (4 - 8 weeks) Overseas Internship
Countries and Program Fees (incl accommodation & food)
- England
- Germany
- Tanzania
- India
- Japan
- Korea
- Singapore
- Taiwan
- Thailand
Mainland China:
- Hangzhou
- Chengdu
- Shanghai
HK$8,500 HK$6,500 HK$5,500 HK$4,500
Other cost paid by participants - Application fee (with $500 deposit inclusive)
- Round-trip flight tickets
- Visa application fee (if any)
- Travel insurance
Application Please download and complete the application form and return it with your resume to Room 2593 (Lifts 29-30), Student Affairs Office.
Application Deadline 3 February 2012 (Fri)
Interview Schedule 7 - 8 February 2012
Enquiries Miss Gloria Ng (2358 5851 /