Anti-Drug Program

This program aims at raising community awareness, especially teenagers, on juvenile drug abuse issues and promoting healthy lifestyles through carnivals. HKUST volunteers served in various roles, such as designing and operating game booths, delivering ceremony and performing on stage.

Date Project Status
21 Oct 12 Anti-Drug Carnival @ Tiu Keng Leng 將軍澳調景嶺健明邨抗毒嘉年華 Completed
11 Feb 12 Anti-Drug Carnival (Feb 2012) 1:99 潮TEEN大使計劃 - 抗毒嘉年華 Completed
10 Dec 11 1:99 潮 TEEN 大使計劃- 抗毒嘉年華 Completed
16 Apr 11 Anti-drug Mini Carnival Completed
6 Mar 11 Anti-drug Carnival (Mar 2011) 躍動生命建西貢 齊創健康新Teen地 抗毒嘉年華 Completed
28 Nov 10 Anti-drug Carnival (Nov 2010) 躍動生命建西貢 齊創健康新Teen地 抗毒嘉年華 Completed
25 Apr 09 Anti-drug Carnival in TKO Completed
24 Jan 09 Anti-drug Carnival in Po Lam, Tseung Kwan O Completed
Dec 09 - Jan 10 Preventive Measures for Drug Abuse at Sai Kung/Tseung Kwan O ── Buddy Program Completed