Elderly Services @ Po Leung Kuk Lau Chan Siu Po Elderly Centre

Po Leung Kuk Lau Chan Siu Po Elderly Centre aims to assist elders to age healthily and with respect and dignity in a supportive community.. It meets the needs of elders for medical treatment and health, as well as their need for social contact to promote physical and mental well-being. Every year, we partner with the center to hold elderly visits in which volunteers can show kindness and care to the elders. We also help in community events such as carnivals to promote positive messages to the elderly residents.

Date Project Status
19 Nov 2016 Fall Elderly Visit 「開心同歡長者月」長者探訪 Completed
21 Nov 2015 Fall Elderly Visit 「敬老愛老」長者探訪 Completed
22 Aug 2015 Summer Elderly Visit 『總有你』長者探訪 Completed
6 Sep 2014 Mooncake Delivery to Elderly 「人月兩團圓」長者探訪 Completed
1 Dec 2013 健康生活在高翔嘉年華 Completed
7 Sep 2013 「人月兩團圓」長者探訪 Completed
8 Jun 2013 「粽有你關懷」長者探訪 Completed
23 Feb 2013 New Year Elderly Visit 新春長者探訪 Completed
18 Aug 2012 總有你關懷探訪 Completed
16 Jun 2012 粽粽顯關懷探訪 Completed
1 Aug 2011 「愛護有家」嘉年華 Completed