ICAC Ambassador Programme

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has long been engaged in probity-promoting education initiatives targeting tertiary students. To further engage and involve students in these initiatives, in 2007, ICAC organised the “ICAC Ambassador Programme”. In 2013, ICAC launched its programme at HKUST and engaged a group of student ambassadors in implementing on-campus integrity-building activities which disseminated ICAC’s message to the HKUST community. Through the program, ambassadors learned more about ICAC and its mission and also had an opportunity to enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills.  

Date Project Collaborator Status
Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2017/18 ICAC In progress
Nov 2016 - Apr 2017 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2016/17 ICAC Completed
Nov 2015 - Apr 2016 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2015/16 ICAC Completed
Nov 2014 - Apr 2015 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2014/15 ICAC Completed
Nov 2013 - Apr 2014 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2013/14 ICAC Completed
Nov 2012 - Jun 2013 ICAC Ambassador Programme 2012/13 ICAC Completed