HKUST Alumni

Established in 1994, the HKUST Alumni Association (HKUSTAA) serves 3 purposes: empower alumni, give back to the alma mater and contribute to the society. HKUSTAA has set up a strong A1 community service team with over 200 devoted alumni members to carry out all these caring campaigns. The programs allow alumni to care by taking positive actions. The events and activities that they have organized or taken part in involve working with youth, underprivileged, elderly and on environmental protection.

In April 2009, a few of our own HKUST alumni founded VolTra, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promote international voluntary services in Hong Kong through a well-established worldwide network of international workcamp organizations. The name VolTra is a combination of "volunteerism" and "travel", signifying its mission to promote global citizenship and cultural exchange through voluntary work and responsible travel, to raise awareness among Hong Kong people on international issues, and to assist in both overseas and local community development.