Signing up for Social Career

A: HKUST Connect is the community engagement initiative of HKUST. Social Career is a non-profit technology organization which created a volunteering-friendly platform for the general public to manage volunteer activities. Starting from 2017/18, HKUST Connect will make use of Social Career to post community engagement opportunities, record attendance, and keep service records for our volunteers.

A: You can use your Social Career account to browse and apply for service opportunities offered by HKUST Connect, and check your attendance record on the platform any time. You can also have access to volunteering opportunities offered by other NGOs and enjoy the incentive programs through the Social Career platform.

A: You will only have to register for social career account, and link it with Connect registration form according to our procedure provided.

A: Visit our webpage in order to know more details.
Notes: You must submit your Social Career ID to the HKUST Connect System so to link your Social Career activities back to HKUST Connect for record. To complete the registration, please remember to verify your Social Career account via the verification email/SMS so that you can start apply for service projects straight away.

A: Yes, please go through the registration process and create a Social Career account so to be able to apply for community service offered by HKUST Connect via the platform.

A: You can still participate in projects offered by HKUST Connect, and may contact the office for application process. However, service records of participants who do not sign up with Social Career will not be submitted for HLTH1010 course hours and HKUST Connect community engagement record.

A: Students will only provide their name, phone number and/or email to Social Career when signing up for an account. HKUST Connect will not share your other personal data to Social Career. HKUST Connect registration Terms and Conditions are available at the HKUST Connect System.

A: You can retain your Social Career account and service record online after graduation, and continue to apply for services on the platform. But you will not be able to access service projects offered by HKUST Connect.

Applying for Service Projects

A: You may either download the Social Career app on your mobile phone or access Social Career through web browser.

A: You can find most of the HKUST Connect service projects on Social Career. However, some of our programs which involve selection processes, such as Connect ACE, PSL, service learning trips, and student civic fellowship, etc. will not be posted on Social Career. Students will have to find out the details and apply through HKUST Connect website for the these programs.

A: You will be notified by email about your application though the email account you used to sign up Social Career, except for programs involving selection processes. You can also find the services you have successfully applied for listed on your Social Career user profile page.

Service Record and Social CV

A: Log in to Social Career with your Social Career account, then go to user profile tab. At your user profile, you will see the “Social CV” page which lists the names of service activities and the hours you have completed.

A: After completing a service project, it normally will take 2 - 14 working days for the partner organization(s) to confirm the service hours before posting on Social CV.

A: The services hours you have contributed before your registration with Social Career will not be shown on your social CV. However, your service record will be listed in the Community Engagement Record provided by HKUST Connect.

A: Your social CV and HLTH1010 records are two independent systems. It usually takes about 8-14 days for the records to be submitted and uploaded on HLTH1010 course record.

A: You can submit to HKUST Connect your external service records with endorsement from each of the organizations that you have served within 6 months after completion for verification. These service experience will be reviewed and recognized on a case-by-case basis.

A: You can register to receive a paper Community Engagement Record issued by HKUST Connect if you have accumulated 40 hours of service or more upon graduation. You can request additional copy at HK$50 each.