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Step 1
Log in to the our Registration System (https://w5.ab.ust.hk/jshc/hc_enroll_form) with your ITSC Account

Step 2
If you...
DO NOT have a Social Career account --> Press "click here" to continue
- Already have a Social Career account --> Go to Step 6

Step 3
Press "Sign-up" to create an account using your email address. (ITSC email is recommended)

Step 4
After filling in your personal info, press "Create Account"
(Please make sure the info you provided is correct)

Verify your account
Check your registered email / mobile for verification email / SMS. Verify your account to complete the registration

Step 5
Find your 8-digit Social Career ID on Social Career website

Step 6
Go back to HKUST Connect Registration System

  1. Fill in
    a. Your Social Career ID
    b. Email / phone no. that you used to create your Social Career account
  2. Click “Confirm”

Step 7
You will see the message:

“Your registration with HKUST Connect has been submitted successfully”

once the registration has been completed.