HKUST Connect would not have become reality if it was not for the generous gift from Mr and Mrs Senta Wong. Mr Wong is the Chairman and CEO of Wong’s Kong King International (Holdings) Limited. Contributing to the community has long been one of the prime objectives of their company. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to them for helping the initiative get started.

"Contributing to the community has always been one of the prime objectives of our company. I am deeply impressed by HKUST’s strong sense of mission in rolling out this initiative of community engagement. Not only do we share a common vision in serving the community, we also have a strong shared commitment to the development of socially responsible individuals and institutions. It is my privilege to contribute to an initiative that envisions and creates a better tomorrow."
- Mr Senta Wong
Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Limited


Our appreciation also goes to generous donors for their support for Service Learning Projects and Student Civic Fellowships.

Service Learning Projects (in alphabetical order)
Service Learning Project
Project Date
Mrs CHOI Ma Oi Kuen Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award 2013-23
Gainway International (Hong Kong) Company Limited Sichuan Service Learning Trip 1-7 June 2011
Lee Hysan Foundation Heep Hong Project Nov 2009- Jun 2011
Li Ka Shing Foundation Li Ka Shing Overseas Service Learning Grant - supporting students in service learning trips abroad Since 2014-15
Paul and Eileen Lin Endowment Trust Paul & Eileen Lin Grant - supporting students in service learning trips in mainland China Since 2014-15
Wofoo Foundation Limited Wofoo Students Holistic Development Scheme 2013-16
Mr WONG Cheong Ham Huangshan Service Learning Trips 1-7 June 2011, 2 - 5 Jan 2012, 27 May -2 Jun 2012, 5-10 Jan 2014

Student Civic Fellowships
(in alphabetical order)
Period (in Academic Year)
Anonymous 2010-11
Canasia Management Inc. (5 positions) 2010-11
Ms LEE Tin Yan Grace 2010-11
Li Ka Shing Foundation Since 2014-15
Luxarity (10 positions) 2014-15
Malcoy Limited 2010-11
Paul and Eileen Lin Endowment Trust Since 2014-15
Quiksilver Glorious Sun JV Ltd 2009-10, 2010-11
Realty Asia Limited (10 positions) 2010-11
SAE Magnetics (Hong Kong) Limited (2 / 4 / 6 positions) 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14
Sowers Exchange Limited 2011-12
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (Kwong Wah Hospital) 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13
Mr Richard YEN (2 positions) 2010-11
Ms YIM Kar Lai 2010-11
Mr YU Wah Yung (2 positions) 2010-11

Note: One civic fellow position per period unless otherwise stated.