HKUST Connect is a community engagement initiative that aims to build on the University's efforts in raising civic awareness and developing sustainable partnerships with the wider community to deepen student learning and promote a benevolent world. Students will connect their service with their academic experiences and explore their unique roles in the community. Faculty and staff will facilitate these activities and provide non-academic advising to enhance the quality of student learning as well as strengthen their own commitment to education with a public purpose. The University will collaborate with community organizations, education institutions and corporations to organize meaningful projects that assist, inspire and build up their recipients.

HKUST Connect represents
  • a united CONSCIENCE for advancing justice, hope and basic goodness in this world,
  • a CONSOLIDATION of efforts from different levels of the University to promote the well-being of self as well as others through an integration of serving and learning, and
  • a continued COMMITMENT to community engagement and creating a benevolent and sustainable world.