Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award

Commencing in September 2013, the Public Service Leadership Program aims at developing students' leadership skills and sense of social commitment through trainings and leading of social service projects of their own. We are inviting students who are passionate in community engagement with financial need to apply for the Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award 2016-17.

The committed awardees will contribute a minimum of 220 hours in the academic year to:
  • initiate and lead a local service project that engages other HKUST students and will have meaningful community impact
  • serve as an intern in an NGO during Winter Term
  • participate in the yearlong Public Service Leadership Program, including all trainings, Service Learning Day Kick-off Ceremony and events throughout the academic year
  • submit mid-year and final reflective reports, and present their service project and reflection to Donor

Projects initiated by PSL


Date Project Status
1 - 23 Apr 2017 Explore HK with VIP 凡「視」探索 Completed
2 - 23 Apr 2017 HI Friends! 「聲」「聲」相惜 Ongoing
12 Apr - 6 May 2017 Learning Chinese with Fun 趣學中文 Completed


Date Project Status
6 Aug - 9 Sep 2016 Serve the Psoriatic with the Psoriatic 與「銀」同行助他人 Completed
5 Mar - 16 Apr 2016 Having Fun with the Intellectually Challenged 「智」在有你服務計劃 Completed
15 Apr - 30 May 2016 Community Building Project  鄰里守望   Completed
23 - 30 Apr 2016 Love and Care to the Visually Impaired 「一視童行」服務計劃 Completed


Date Project Status
11 Apr - 2 May 2015 Fun with Dementia 耆樂無窮 Completed
11 Apr - 2 May 2015 Learn to Discover, Discover to Learn 學習探索.探索學習 Completed
16 - 26 Apr 2015 Kong play Kong Eat Kong culture 港玩港食港文化 Completed
2 May - 6 Jun 2015 Study Hacks Mentoring Program 

Date Project Status
19 Apr - 3 May 2014 A Date with Old Friends 一『耆』一會 Completed
6 - 27 Apr 2014 Volunteers Plus Kids V+ 兒童 Completed
10 - 24 Apr 2014 Handicraft with women 我「手作」我心義工計劃 Completed
31 May - 16 Aug 2014 Live Without Boundary – Ethnic Minorities Mentorship Program 生活無界限 — 少數族裔「生命拍檔」計劃 Completed

Awardees' Sharing:

“Joining the PSL program enables me to have a fruitful school year. It has alleviated my financial burden so that I can spend more time to do voluntary services instead of doing part‐time. Although the program has been ended, my enthusiasm to do service will not stop here. I hope that I can continue to serve as a PSL in my school and even in the society. Again, I believe doing services is an “attitude” matter: everyone can be a PSL as long as you have the passion!”

- PSL13/14 Eunice LEUNG, SBM Student, Year 2

“I am really grateful to have to opportunity to be one of the PSL in my final year of study. This program equips me with various new experience. For instance, my first time to serve as an internship in a social enterprise, my first time to form my own project team and my first time to cold call people to join my service, etc. Those are experience I have never thought of before joining this program. Before joining the PSL program nor attending the training, I have seldom regarded myself as a leader. But by attending various activities in the program, I found that I could also have the ability to lead and be inspiring, even though it is different from what society has generally associated with leadership.”

- PSL14/15 Pearl TAM, SBM student, Year 3

“The PSL program has provided me with a precious opportunity to participate in various eye-opening activities and helped me gain valuable life experience. Not only have I acquired concrete skills in working as an intern and initiating a service project, but also I have become more mature in working with others and knowing more about my strengths and weaknesses.”

- PSL15/16 Priscilla MAN, SBM Student, Year 2