Connect ACE
(Ambassador for Community Engagement)

Connect ACE is a yearlong development program for peer-to-peer advocacy and community engagement. The program aims to bring together civic-minded students to initiate service learning projects that address genuine community needs, at the same time to motivate and lead fellow students to serve the wider community. Throughout the year ACE will receive training and guidance on service project implementation and work closely with HKUST Connect to advocate the service culture on HKUST campus.

Connect ACE will:
  • Initiate and lead service learning projects in teams
  • Motivate and lead fellow students and other HKUST members to serve the wider community
  • Support the campus-wide HKUST Service Learning Day
  • Foster a commitment to community engagement in students and spread the caring message among HKUSTers
  • The participants are divided into different focus groups to tackle a social issue that they are most interested in. By planning various social projects, they are able to equip themselves servicing skills and enhance the knowledge of service learning through facilitated debriefing and reflection.

    Connect ACE 2016-17

    Projects initiated by Connect ACE


    Date Project Status
    18 Mar - 8 Apr 2017 Happy Silver Ride 「耆」趣行 Completed
    1 - 29 Apr 2017 Step Forward 同學有計 Completed
    2 - 16 Apr 2017 ETHNIQUE 得一 • 賞 • 異 Completed
    9 - 29 Apr 2017 Street Care, Happy Share 「露」途有你 Completed
    16 - 27 Apr 2017 Go with the Wheel 無礙 • 友愛 Completed


    Date Project Status
    24 Apr - 1 May 2016 Kids. Bids. Trips 小導遊.大冒險 Completed
    23 Apr - 7 May 2016 Celebrate Diversity x EM 「少數」• 點? Completed
    3 Apr - 1 May 2016 Go along with the VIP 與你共「視」 Completed
    2 - 30 Apr 2016 Magical Journey 「耆」妙處處通 Completed
    2 - 23 Apr 2016 Understanding ADHD, Serving with Sincerity 過度活躍,過渡WOULD躍 Completed

    Date Project Status
    14 Mar - 18 Apr 2015 Elderly Treasure Hunt 奪寶耆兵 Completed
    4 - 19 Apr 2015 Energy Saving Starts with Fun 由你做起,「慳」「樂」好多 Completed
    11 Apr - 2 May 2015 Read. Play. Love 讀樂樂不如眾樂樂 Completed
    11 Apr - 2 May 2015 Under the Same Sky 同一「聲」空下 Completed
    18 Apr - 6 May 2015 Animal Lovers 關愛動物員 Completed

    Date Project Status
    11 Mar - 16 May 2014 Junior Healthy Chef 有「營」小廚神。健康大「煮」意計劃 Completed
    6 Apr - 3 May 2014 Chinese Fun for Everyone 與 "中" 童樂 Completed
    25 - 28 Apr 2014 Love it ‧ Adopt it 領養.愛 Completed
    3 - 27 Apr 2014 Food‧Share‧Love「食物‧分享‧愛」 Completed
    13 & 26 Apr 2014 Enjoy Eco-life 識碳生活 Completed

    Date Project Status
    27 Mar - 4 May 2013 Walking Hand-in-Hand with VIPs 聆光一觸 - 視障人士服務 Completed
    14 - 28 Apr 2013 Treasure for the Elderly 佳「耆」共聚在大澳 Completed
    22 Mar - 27 Apr 2013 Beyond Intelligence 智窮人不窮 Completed
    21 Apr 2013 Linking Arcoss Generations 長幼牽手樂逍遙 Completed
    6 - 21 Apr 2013 Happy Learning Journey 科大遊學團 Completed
    28 Jan - 23 Feb 2013 Love and Care to Elderly Living Alone 獨居長者服務計劃 - 長幼牽手樂消遙 Completed
    20 Oct 2012 Service & Training Day @ Crossroads Foundation Completed


    Connect ACE leading other volunteers in an elder visit in Tai O
    Connect ACE conducting a science workshop for children from single parent families
    Student Sharing:

    In the aspect of volunteering services, I start understanding the difficulties and need of the service recipients. In the past, I just joined the volunteering service and follow the instructions. And now, I would see the things in a big picture. I start to think about what social problems are in the society and how we can help.

    - Frances Chung, SBM Student, Year 1

    After the service, I become more confident in designing a project and lead a group since I got some experience in the ACE program. And I'm more optimistic when facing difficulties. I realized that I'm already so lucky compared to some people that I get a healthy body so there's no reason for me to be afraid of the challenges. Moreover, I treasure my family more now since I saw how important our recipients' families are to them. I realized that our families put so much effort and love in us and it's our turn to express our thanks. I'm so glad to see the little changes in myself. Maybe they're not huge, but they changed my attitude entirely and enlightened me to be happier as I learnt not to be fearful or worried about making mistakes.

    - Jacqueline Xu, SBM Student, Year 1