Having Fun with the Intellectually Challenged 「智」在有你服務計劃

Collaborator: Fu Hong Society Lai Yiu Adult Training Centre

Date 5, 26 March, 2 and 16 April 2016 (Sat)
Location Lai King
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 43
No. of Service Recipients 20

The service project aimed to create fun and enjoyable experience to the intellectually challenged living in the adult home. During four sessions, HKUST volunteers played games, made snacks and handicrafts with the intellectually challenged adults. In this service, the adults made salad with the assistance of volunteers. Both service recipients and student volunteers enjoyed the time and had great fun together.

Volunteers made handicraft with the service recipients.
Volunteers chatted with the adults when making snacks.
Student Sharing:    

This is my first time to serve the intellectually difficult people so the service is quite exciting for me. I thought our service recipients are quiet and may not be willing to talk or cooperate. However, after the service, I found that they are very adorable and cute. They greeted us proactively. Some of them even are enthusiastic in playing games and making handicrafts. I enjoy serving them, or in other words, playing with them. It is impressive.

- Pam Poon, SBM, Year1



- Priscilla Man, SBM, Year 2