Under the Same Sky 同一「聲」空下

Collaborator: Hong Kong Association of the Deaf

Date 11, 18, 25 April & 2 May 2015 (Sat)
Location Choi Hung
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 15
No. of Service Recipients 12

HKUST Volunteers taught children with hearing impairment English through various activities such as cookie baking, checkpoint games, board games and bracelet making. During the activity, children were able to express their thoughts and feelings in English while volunteers learnt the ways to work with them and understood their difficulties. They all had a joyful moment!

Students share about their experience here.

One of the groups proudly presenting their freshly baked handmade stained-glass cookies
All participants smiling at the end of the session
Student Sharing:    

This is my first time to meet children with hearing impaired. I can imagine how hard they may experience in daily life, studies, and language learning. It’s a precious and happy experience to assist them learning English. The impact may not be significant, but at least I helped a bit. I’m very glad that they talk to me in English more often as the activity goes on. It’s been a fun experience with the kids and I learnt a bit of sign language. They may have been a lucky group where their school adopts sign language teaching. Good luck and all the best to them.

- Sophie, SSCI, Year 3

This is the first time I have had a chance to stay with children who have hearing problems. We played board games and made cookies together. Sometimes. I even forgot their ear problems. Their English is much better than I think. I enjoyed the time with them.

- Lucy, SBM, Year 1