Soup Action @Shamshuipo 吾湯吾水 - 傳愛活動

Collaborator: The Salvation Army Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team

Date 26 April 2014 (Sat)
Location Shum Shui Po
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 11
No. of Service Recipients 12

HKUST volunteers visited senior citizens living in the Sham Shui Po community and brightened their day with good conversation, homemade soup, and gifts. During their visit, the volunteers got to learn more about the lives of the elders and were glad that the soup they made was well-received!

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Volunteers preparing food for the soup
"The soup is almost done!"
Volunteer giving the soup to the elderly
Thank you for our volunteers' effort!
Student Sharing:  


- KONG Ching Yi, SENG Student, Year 1

I have a chance to prepare soup and visit the elderly in this service. What I like most is the part of visiting as we can reach and talk to some elder people directly. They are all so nice to us and welcome us. While they may not obtain a high quality of life, they are all optimistic and thankful to the helps given by the society. They also share their lives with us and I realize how lucky we are, living in a society as affluent as HK. One of them tells me to stay strong despite any difficulties. I am touched and think that we should pay more attention to our seniors of the society.

- YAU Cheuk Hin Victor, SBM Student, Year 1