Food‧Share‧Love 「食物。分享。愛」

Collaborator: Ever Green Association; 北河燒臘飯店(深水埗明哥); 明利油器粥品 (愛心粥檔)

Date 3, 11, 12, 17, 25, 26, 27 April 2014
Location Hung Hom, Sham Shui Po, To Kwa Wan
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 80
No. of Service Recipients ~160

Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement) organized a series of services to address the hunger issue in Hong Kong and provide food to people who are in need. Volunteers collected unsold vegetables in wet markets, then sort and redistributed the vegetables to those in need. Some worked with two kind-hearted restaurant owners to provide food to the elderly and to homeless people. Through participating in the service, students learned more about food wastage and also heard inspiring stories about others who reached out to give back to the community.

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Our students getting ready to distribute food to the homeless
Store owners donating their vegetables generously
Volunteers helping to sort and distribute the vegetables in the centre
A group of volunteers serving the elders in a ccongee restaurant
Student Sharing:  

The ‘Food Share Love’ service gave me a chance to experience much about food surplus and waste. I enjoyed the conversation with market stall owners and also the gratitude from those who receive the food. I was shocked by the amount of surplus generated daily even in wet market. I felt the effort we volunteer gave was put to good use. In the future, I hope to aid NGOs in tackling food surplus continuously.

- Thomas, SSCI Student, Year 3

There are some problems in the society that are solvable but only need someone to step out to take the initiative and to help like handling food waste. I am glad to see some local restaurants and NGOs are willing to step out despite lacking help from the government. As a university student, I think we should engage ourselves more into the society and offer our help. Together we can make a difference.

- Victor Yau, SBM Student, Year 1