"Step Up" Your Love @ Shamshuipo 關『深』南昌 - 上樓傳愛探訪服務

Collaborator: The Salvation Army Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team

Date 18 April 2013 (Thu)
Location Shum Shui Po
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 17
No. of Service Recipients 30

During this service, volunteers visited underprivileged families and elders living alone in Sham Shui Po. The volunteers introduced the families and elders to community resources available to them and brought them gifts from a generous donor. Through the visit, the volunteers were not only able to show their care, they were able to gain a better understanding of the needs of people from different backgrounds.

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Volunteers visiting the Sham Shui Po community
Let's spread our care to Sham Shui Po!
Student Sharing:  

由於活動當天一直在下雨,已有心理準備,在又濕又熱的天氣,這次義工服務可能會很辛苦...慶幸,我們開始「洗樓」的時候,雨停了,至少不用出入打傘。這天,我看到了平日只曾在新聞和港台節目中看過的「劏房」,焗促的環境令我流汗,走廊的溫度明顯比室外高得多...雖然我們逐戶拍門,表明義工身份,並準備了禮物,但開門的比例並不多,甚至聽到屋內有人,卻沒有回應,大概有一部份人因為怕麻煩或以為來者不善而裝著聽不見吧。印象最深刻的是一戶一家三口住在狹小得大概只有 3 X 4 平方米的套房,走動地方只有 5 格地磚的地,方我難以想像如何可以困於這種環境「正常地」生活,那小孩如何在狹小的空間成長。香港還有很多人需要我們提供協助!

- Olivia, SENG Student, Year 2

Through the service, I realize that many of the underprivileged spend lots of time living in an uncomfortable environment. It affects young kids the most; it hinders their personal growth and interest development. As I can observe, many people live in completely different scenarios, which provides a better place with less obstacles. It is therefore important to consolidate my feelings and findings, turning it into a long term commitment to service.

- Andy YUEN, SBM Student, Year 2