Serve the Psoriatic with the Psoriatic 與「銀」同行助他人 Join this to move forward a UN Sustainable Development Goal

Collaborator: Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association

Date 6, 27 August & 3, 8 & 9 September 2016
Location Lok Fu & HKUST Campus
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 31
No. of Service Recipients 19

Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award (PSL) is a year-long development program which aims at developing students' leadership skills and a sense of social commitment through trainings and their social service projects.

One of the Public Service Leaders (PSLs) partnered with Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association to launch a service project to show love and care to psoriasis patients and to enhance students' understanding towards psoriasis. Through handcraft making, our HKUST volunteers actively communicated and interacted with psoriatic patients. They also organized an exhibition on HKUST campus to further enhance the awareness of psoriasis and the acceptance towards the psoriatic.

Volunteer having Psoriatic make up   Let's walk with the Psoriatic together!
Volunteer sharing to other students about the awareness of the Psoriatic   It's not easy to pick up coins while you are suffering the illness!