"Little Master" Mentorship Program 小當家.友伴支援計劃 2014

Collaborator: The Salvation Army Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team

Date September - November 2014
Location Sham Shui Po
No. of Volunteers Participated 10
No. of Service Recipients 12

"Little Master" Mentorship Program 2014 was organized by The Salvation Army Sham Shui Po Family Support Networking Team with an objective to enhance the self-care ability of children from low income family. HKUST volunteers acted as peer mentors to these children and cooperated with them in various activities including walking through checkpoints, hiking and picnicking. Friendships and connections were developed throughout the training programme.

Volunteer guiding the child to cook
Volunteers and children playing team building game
Whose response is the fastest?
All of us enjoying a great program!