Live Without Boundary – Ethnic Minorities Mentorship Program 生活無界限 — 少數族裔「生命拍檔」計劃

Collaborator: Lok Sin Tong Lee Yin Yee United Centre - Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities

Date 31 May 2014 (Sat);
21 June 2014 (Sat); &
16 August 2014 (Sat)
Location Kowloon City & HKUST Campus
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 26
No. of Service Recipients 17

Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award (PSL) is a yearlong development program aims at developing students' leadership skills and sense of social commitment through trainings and leading of social service projects of their own. 

One of the Public Service Leaders (PSLs) partnered with the Lok Sin Tong Lee Yin Yee United Centre - Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities to promote cross-ethnic understanding, facilitate personal growth development of ethnic minorities by self-conceptualization and goal setting process.

During the three-month period, our students acted as mentors for the Southeast Asian children, shared their life stories with them, and accompanied them to overcome challenges and obstacles of living in Hong Kong. They attended a matching session in late May and had various meet-ups along the programme apart from the official sessions. Invaluable friendships were built up slowly among the mentors and mentees, and it was gratifying to see the advancement of their bonding as time passed. A goal setting session with University Hunt was held in June, and the children all gathered up for a fun day of adventure on HKUST campus and set up their goals. It is hoped that by the sharing of our University volunteers, we will be able to inspire them to think of what University is like and be aspired to getting matriculated.

The re-union session was held in August for all the mentors and mentees. The session is called as “re-union” because we hope that the relationship built between the mentors and mentees will not only lasts within the programme, but also far and beyond. They all had a celebration on their success and fun during the mentorship, and we believe that more fun will follow after the programme.


Volunteers being briefed by the social worker from the center


Could you tell me more about yourself?


Working as a team in HKUST orienteering challenge


Time for some goal setting

Thank you mentors!