Junior Healthy Chef 有「營」小廚神 · 健康大「煮」意

Collaborator: Caritas Dr. & Mrs. Olinto de Sousa Integrated Family Service Centre

Date 11 March - 27 April 2014
Location Sha Tin Wai & HKUST
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 45
No. of Service Recipients 35 children and parents

Organized by a Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement), volunteers organized two cooking sessions, guided tour and family visits of HKUST for underprivileged children and their families. This project not only aimed to raise awareness about healthy diets and lifestyles, but to also provided an encouraging environment for the children.

Students share about their experience here

Volunteer introducing the game to the children
Children telling a story about "healthy diets"
Let's choose the healthy food!
Children sharing their favorite food with our volunteers
Student Sharing:    

I am happy that the children and their parents enjoy this outing. Although they are more active than I expected and we need to chase after them throughout the outing, I still enjoy myself chatting with the children and their parents. Also, during the outing, parents take their opportunities to ask us about university life. They are concerned about their children’s future, especially when underprivileged children usually have fewer opportunities. Hopefully, we can help them through similar services in the future.

- Carol CHOW, SENG Student, Year 1



- HO Wing Kiu Areca, SBM Student, Year 1