Chinese Fun for Everyone 與「中」童樂

Collaborator: Hong Kong Christian Services - Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER)

Date 6, 13, 27 April & 4 May 2014
Location HKUST Campus
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 52
No. of Service Recipients 18

"Chinese Fun for Everyone" is a four-event program for ethnic minority children in Hong Kong. The program was structured with three sessions of two-hour workshops and a one-day city outing. In the workshops, HKUST volunteers taught short, self-contained lessons and played games involving Chinese language. In the city outing, children consolidated what they had learnt in the workshops.

This project aimed at arousing ethnic minority children’s interest of learning Chinese language through integrating reading, writing and speaking into interactive games. Through the activities, with Chinese as the medium of instruction, the children are expected to have better listening and presentation skills in the language. They are also expected to learn Chinese sentence structures, vocabularies and radicals, and be more capable of recognizing Chinese words through fun games.

Volunteer chatting with children during the break
Children filling out the worksheet
Children paying attention in the workshop
Volunteer introducing the game to the children