Soup of Love 愛心湯水贈長者

Collaborator: Haven of Hope Bradbury King Lam Community Health Development Centre

Date 15 September, 20 October, 17 November, 22 December 2012
12 January, 9 February, 9 March, 20 April, 18 May, 8 June, 20 July, 24 August 2013
Location Hang Hau
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 15 - 20 per session
No. of Service Recipients  ~ 100 per session

Further to the previous success of this service project, a group of HKUST students volunteered to lead and plan activities to serve senior citizens in the Tseung Kwan O community. During the monthly visit, not only did the volunteers continue the routine of distributing traditional Chinese soups to the elders, a variety of interactive activities were also organized to entertain the elderly, such as magic show, memory games and body-building exercise. Having fun with the elders each month, volunteers bring a smile to the elders’ faces and enjoy the precious moments chatting with each other.

A social worker of the organization giving a briefing prior to the start of the event   Student volunteers enjoying a chat with the elders
Senior citizens interacting with the magician   The elders practicing hand exercises
Volunteers distributing Chinese soup to the elders   Let's have a group photo!