Junior Financial Planner「理財至叻KID」活動義工

Collaborator: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society - Wellness Programme

Dates 4 October 2012
17 October 2012
12 November 2012
18 January 2013
28 January 2013
5 October 2012
26 October 2012
11 December 2012
23 January 2013
30 January 2013
11 October 2012
9 November 2012
17 January 2013
25 January 2013
Location 14 primary schools
No. of volunteers Participated (Person-time) 24

「理財至叻KID」 “Junior Financial Planner” has been held for various primary schools students. It aims at stimulating the students to reflect on their attitudes and values towards using money in daily life through experiential learning.
Before the service, our students attended a training workshop to learn how to work with children effectively and to learn about the knowledge of financial management. In the experiential games, volunteers not only were the facilitators who played different roles such as bankers and salespersons in different booths, but also shared their personal experience of managing their money with the children.