Connect Ambassador for Community Engagement (Connect ACE) 2012-2013
Service & Training Day @ Crossroads Foundation

Date 20 October 2012 (Sat)
Location Crossroads Foundation
No. of Volunteers Participated (Person-time) 17
No. of Service Recipients N/A

Shortly after the commencement of the program, Connect ACEs are invited to join a one-day workshop and service event at Crossroads Foundation. This shared service experience aims to better prepare students to lead their own service project in the Winter/Spring semester 2013.

To start off the day, ACEs are first introduced to the work of Crossroads and then led to the venue for a real-life simulation. Participants of this “Struggle for Survival” workshop try to earn enough to survive by making paper bags out of newspaper and homemade glue. They must earn enough to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they are fortunate, education. Those that cannot make enough end up in the hands of a loan shark. This game reveals to participants the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty web.

In the afternoon, Connect ACEs stayed at Crossroads to assist with the daily operations. This invaluable opportunity enables students to get hands on and understand more about how an NGO works.

The day concluded with a short debriefing at the beach nearby, along with some team building activities to strengthen the group bonding.

Students being introduced to Crossroads
We all did a great job!