World Gallery of Hope (Spring - Summer 2011)

Collaborator: 救世軍深水埗家庭支援網絡隊 & Sakka Foundation

The objective of this service-learning project is to provide an opportunity for the children of the ethnic minorities and underprivileged lived in local communities to explore their creative capabilities through a 2-month program on digital photography and story-telling techniques offered by HKUST student volunteers. Apart from teaching youth how to produce digital photo essay using simple software, the student volunteers shall provide support for the youth to archive their creative work that are designed around a wide variety of life themes on an online media art gallery. Student volunteers will also be asked to produce a photo journal of their own reflective learning throughout the service trip on the gallery. The online media art gallery will be published through the HKUST Connect website where the public can view and share the work of these youth and student volunteers. We hope that the project will help to increase the awareness of the needs of the underprivileged children in Hong Kong and generate more innovative service ideas and support from the community at large. The theme of the project is to let the HKUST students to see the world through the children’s eyes and let the children to express their creativity and feeling in a layman perspective.

Date Jan - Jun 2011
Location HKUST, Sham Shui Po & Cambodia (For overseas group)
Target participants 20
  1. Group activities
  2. Photography lesson
  3. Tour visit in UST



Student volunteers are teaching the children how to use the camera.


The child is trying to take photos under the guidance of our student volunteer.


Students are leading a group activity.


A photo taken by an child.