Happy Silver Ride 「耆」趣行 Join this to move forward a UN Sustainable Development Goal

The following message in Chinese is about a service opportunity which requires participants to be proficient in Cantonese.

The "Happy Silver Ride" project is initiated by one of the teams of Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement) 2016/17 with an aim to address genuine community needs, at the same time to motivate and lead fellow students to serve the wider community.

With advancement in medicine, Hong Kong has the world' s highest life expectancy rate, with 81.2 years with males, and 87.3 years with females. With their improved life expectancy, every elderly in Hong Kong averagely faces at least 15 years life after retirement. There are not much support for life enhancement in elderly in Hong Kong, especially Elderly Singletons who lack family support and social network. Hence, in collaboration with the Po Leung Kuk Wan Lam May Yin Shirley Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Connect ACE is organizing the “Happy Silver Ride” project in hope to bring warmth and care towards the elders in Hong Kong, as well as to provide a platform for them to develop interests and knowledge on a healthy living. We are now recruiting enthusiastic volunteers to join hands with us and take on the challenge to serve this group of elderly.

隨著社會醫療技術的進步,香港的人均壽命為全球之冠,平均男性有81.2歲,女性有87.3歲。若以65歲開始計算,長者人口平均面對15年以上的晚年生活。但香港社會對長者的支援服務不足,尤其是缺少家庭和社區支援的獨居長者和兩老家庭。有見及此,為了協助長者探索身心健康充實的晚年生活,四位科大侍學行的社群參與服務大使(Connect ACE)與保良局溫林美賢耆暉中心合作舉辦「耆」趣行。本計劃透過家居探訪獨居和兩老家庭、介紹不同的健康及飲食的小知識、手工製作、科大探索等不同活動,以鼓勵老友記培養健康的飲食習慣和多接觸不同新事物,以保持身心健康。科大遊當日並會與長者一起午餐,教導長者如何出外用膳也可以食得健康。同時,讓科大學生向獨居長者和兩老家庭表達關懷和愛心。


計劃內容 活動 1 :家居探訪
日期: 2017 年 3 月 18 日( 六 )
時間: 上午 9 時 30 分至下午 1 時 30 分
活動 2 :小手工製作
日期: 2017 年 4 月 1 日( 六 )
時間:上午 9 時正至 11 時 30 分
活動 3 :科大遊
日期: 2017 年 4 月 8 日 ( 六 )
時間:上午 9 時 30 分至下午 3 時
報名 填寫 網上表格
截止報名日期 延至 2017 年 3 月 16 日 ( 四 )
備註 1. 義工需能出席 2017 年 3 月 17 日 ( 五 ) 晚上 6 時 30 分至 7 時 30 分的義工訓練工作坊
2. 義工需能以流利廣東話與活動使用者溝通
3. 義工必須出席至少兩節義工服務
4. 如能出席全部服務則優先考慮
HLTH1010 Upon completion of the service, HLTH1010 course participants will attain a maximum of 1.5 - 4 hours for each session in "Community or Voluntary Work" in the "Activities" module, subject to the actual direct service hours confirmed by the partner organization(s).
查詢 羅小姐 (rita.law@ust.hk)

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