Study Hacks Mentoring Program

It is common that South Asian children living in Hong Kong face learning difficulties due to the huge differences in languages and cultures. As a result, they do less well academically but there are insufficient support and resources to address their needs. Noticing that, one of the Public Service Leaders (PSL) initiates Study Hacks Mentoring Program aiming to motivate the South Asian children to learn with fun and confidence, and equip them with some practical learning strategies. The elements of gamification are introduced in the program, so the children would become a "little warrior" to hack their learning problem. We are looking for volunteers to be their mentors to show them genuine care and provide feedback in their learning journey.

由於言語不通、文化差異及缺乏支援,香港南亞裔學童於學習時面對很多困難及挑戰,繼續升學成為遙不可及的夢想。有見及此,其中一位獲頒蔡馬愛娟女士社會服務領袖計劃獎(Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen Public Service Leadership Program Award) 的同學與明愛牛頭角社區中心合作籌辦「征服學習」遊戲伙伴計劃,現招募科大同學擔任義工以大哥哥大姐姐身份,與南亞裔學童一齊挑戰各項「遊戲化」任務,從而提升他們的學習動機和學習技巧,一齊征服這個學習遊戲。

Program Real-time Games Session
Date: 2, 30 May & 6 June 2015 (Sat)
Time: 10am-12nn
Venue: Ngau Tau Kok

HKUST Tournament
Date: 13 June 2015 (Sat)
Time: 1-5pm
Venue: HKUST Campus
Registration Please complete the online registration form
Deadline 19 April 2015 (Sun)
Remark (1) Volunteers are required to attend the training session on 28 April 2015 (Tue), 7-8pm at HKUST Campus
(2) Volunteers have to attend at least 3 of the sessions.
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