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The following organizations and agencies are offering opportunities for service and engagement that would benefit the community as well as advance personal growth. Those who wish to participate should contact the respective organizations directly.

The programs denoted with an asterisk (*) are about service opportunities/programs that require participants to be proficient in Chinese.

Program Date Program Name / Organizer Responsibility & Requirements Application Deadline & Contact Info
23 June - 12 August 2018 「第十一屆香港模擬立法會」導師招募*/ 香港青少年領袖發展協會 「第十一屆香港模擬立法會」現正招募小組導師,帶領參加者參與一連串活動,引導他們就時事和社會議題作多角度思考以及分析,為他們提供意見,以加深他們對香港社會、經濟、民生、政制及議會等各方面的了解。[詳情按此] 報名方法:
截止日期:2018 年 6 月8 日( 五)
電話:6189 1795 (黃先生) / 6778 2676 (羅小姐)
5 July 2018 / 10 July 2018 性教育活動義工 / 青躍-青少女發展網絡 義工將協助工作坊進行及帶領中學生討論
1. 意外懷孕工作坊
簡介會: 2018 年 6 月25 日, 7-9pm
工作坊: 2018 年 7 月5 日 (四), 9:30am-12:30pm (炮台山)
2. 意外懷孕工作坊及青春期微電影
簡介會: 2018 年 7 月2 日, 7-9pm
工作坊: 2018 年 7 月10 日 (二), 8:30am-12:15pm (屯門)
電話:2302 0068
July - December 2018 Disney Friends for Change Grants Program 2018 / The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups The program awards HKD$4,000 and HKD$8,000 grants to youth-led projects that demonstrate youth leadership, creativity, compassion and the commitment to making a positive impact on their community. [Details] Application: complete the application form
Deadline: 13 June 2018 (Wed)
Enquiry: 2557 0142
July 2018 - May 2019 「幸福童學會 - 友伴童行義工計劃」2018* / 明愛賽馬會黃大仙青少年綜合服務 「幸福童學會 - 友伴童行義工計劃」2018 現正招募義工擔任學障學童的「大哥哥」、「大姐姐」,義務關懷學障學童的成長需要,協助他們訂立目標,以身作則鼓勵他們積極實踐,並肩同行面對挑戰。[ 詳情按此] 報名方法:
截止日期:2018 年 7 月2 日()
電話:2382 0265 (陳姑娘)
September 2018 - July 2019 Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2018/19* / The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jointly organized with the Tourism Commission of the HKSAR, the scheme aims to nurture young people to be Young Ambassadors through distinctive volunteer services which aspire to:
- promote a sense of courtesy and helpfulness to visitors and foster a culture of hospitality
- cultivate a mindset that embraces service excellence
- enhance the sense of belonging to and understanding of the diverse culture of Hong Kong
Application: submit application via online system
Deadline: 2 July 2018 (Mon)
Enquiry: 3586 8458
Disclaimer: Activities listed above are organized by external parties. Students are advised to join at their own discretion. The University shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or contingent loss or damage.

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