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The following organizations and agencies are offering opportunities for service and engagement that would benefit the community as well as advance personal growth. Those who wish to participate should contact the respective organizations directly.

Activity Date Activity Title / Organizer Responsibility & Requirements Application Deadline & Contact Info
2017年8月3日至8月7日 「樂在鄉土情2017」清遠體驗計劃 /香港基督教女青年會將軍澳綜合社會服務處 香港基督教女青年會將軍澳綜合社會服務處- 樂在鄉土情義工小組,我們已連續第九年推行山區服務,提供一個很好的機會讓香港青少年切身處地感受及體驗國內山區艱苦的生活,從而更能讓他們珍惜所有、活在當下。 今年暑假小組將舉辦「樂在鄉土情2017」清遠體驗服務計劃,到國內山區推行義教及扶貧工作。 活動詳情
截止日期: 2017 年 5 月 31 日 (三)

電話:2709 3388 (陳先生)
Disclaimer: Activities listed above are organized by external parties. Students are advised to join at their own discretion. The University shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or contingent loss or damage.

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